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5 Experiences you don’t Want to Miss at the Kenyan (North)Coast

Welcome to the Kenyan Coast, apart from the rich Swahili culture you probably know about, it also have a diverse ecosystem which we are about to outline below. You would probably want to include it in your next itinerary when you visit there.

1. Whale Watching in Watamu

Humpback whales are the most majestic animals in the ocean, and are seen Passing through Watamu Protected Area on the Kenyan Coast, as well as several other species of whale.
Ask any tourist to name the Big Five of Kenya, and they will no doubt give you the usual list of animals. Although visitors to Kenya are aware of its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, fishes and sea turtles, not many know that 10 different species of dolphins and whale have been identified in Watamu which could easily be included in the “Marine Big Five”

Watamu Anual Whale Watching
Watamu Annual Whale Watching

Source: Watamu Marine Association

2. Wind surfing, water skiing, snorkelling and diving

The waters off Diani Beach and Kenya’s southern coast offer some of the country’s best dive sites, which cater for scuba divers of all experience levels. From dive sites teeming with coral and fish life, to the largest fish in Ocean, the whaleshark, our dive sites offer opportunities for some incredible underwater experiences. Throw into the mix some of the weirdest, most colourful and simply bizzare critters and macro life and its clear to see why divers return to Diving the Crab time and time again. And let’s not forget the world class shipwreck and profilic turtle community that are right on our doorstep.

Source: Diving the Crab

3. Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is located in East Africa, in the Kwale District of Kenya’s Coastal Province, and is a mere 45 kilometers southwest of Mombasa.
The Mwaluganje forest is part of the current sanctuary, and the beautiful Mwaluganje Travelers Tented Camp is in the forest reserve. The ecological attractions in Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary are diverse with scenic beauty such as the great natural forests, awe-inspiring cliffs and the warm blue Indian Ocean.
Other natural attractions are “God’s Bridge,” “Time Rock” and the traditional shrine that characterizes the sacredness of the community.
Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary was created in 1993 to conserve the serene surroundings, which housethe rare and endangered African elephants, moist deciduous forest, riparian vegetation, and other special attractions available in the ecosystem.
Find out more Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

Source: African Spice Safaris

4. Colobus Conservation Limited

Colobus Conservation Limited is a conservation organisation designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the nationally threatened Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya. The organisation was established in 1997 in response to an outcry from local residents about the high number of deaths of colobus monkeys on the Diani Beach road.
Hidden away amongst the coastal forest, come experience a Guided Primate Eco-Tour, the only one in the country!! We will take you on a guided walk along the nature trail for a personal introduction to a wild colobus troop and our other wild monkeys – vervets, sykes and baboons – depending on who is about. This is followed by a talk in the information centre where a series of posters help further to visualise our ongoing conservation activities. As an active conservation centre visitors are likely to see volunteers and staff at work, building bridges, caring for injured monkeys or doing research.
The Colobus Conservation is situated in Diani, South Coast Kenya, approximately 30 kilometers south of the Likoni Ferry (Mombasa).

Source: Colobus Conservation

5. The Falconry of Kenya (Malindi Falconry)

This is an interesting tour where you can hold a falcon that is flying on the trainer’s commands, see big and small birds very close, and even Nile crocodiles and some snakes. This beautiful destination is home to a large collection of birds. Tourists will be thrilled to see at close range a wide variety of bird species stationed out in the open within the park. These bird varieties include Eagles, Owls, Falcons and Pecker birds, among others. Adventurous tourists can opt to carry any of the eagle birds with the help of a guide. It’s indeed an amazing experience. Another fascinating animal in the falconry is a large tortoise which is 200 year old. This huge and slowly moving creature can be fed with bananas by tourists, guided by the falconry staff. Next is the snake chamber. The falconry parades an amazing variety of snakes such as the Green Mamba, Python, Cobra and others.

Source: Afro-Tourism


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