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How much do you know?

When you enter a game park in Africa, you are bound to see nature at its best. From the air you breathe to the every sound of the rustling grass. There’s nothing more authentic than the roar of the lion and the view of a snow capped mountain peak in a mesmerizing surrounding of an endless savannah. You meet the beautiful beasts, vulnerable to their environment yet surviving every drought, flood or famine but how much do you know about these beasts beyond the pattern of their skin? Here are some amazing facts about the beasts that roam in our savannah: 

  1. An ostrich kick can kill a grown man: the real problem with this comes in filling in the cause of death section. I mean, “Homicide, animal attack, bird attack, kick?”frown
  2. Hippos can run up to 32km/hour: despite them being bulky and rotund the physics of aerodynamics will do nothing to help you in case you find yourself the No.1 interest of this beast hence you crossing the savannah with the hippo hot in your pursuit.
  3. Elephants also undergo menopause: this seems extremely interesting but I definitely would not want to run into one drowning in the mood swings that come as a side package with this biology.laughlaughlaugh
  4. Lions sleep for about 20 hours a day: so is there something that comes with being royalty that translates into “I’m lazy”…?
  5. An elephant calf may suck its trunk as a comfort: it does this in the same way a baby would suck on its thumb… adorable, right?
  6. African elephants only have four teeth with which to chew their food: so you have all that flesh, those humongous bones and drag along that long truck and can only carry 4 teeth???
  7. A crocodile’s brain is a similar size to a cigar: I wouldn’t want to say it’s a dumb animal but…
  8.  The mosquito is one of the deadliest animals in Africa: killing more than a million people every year by transmitting dengue fever, malaria and other diseases.


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