Corporate Travel & Leisure Management LTD

Air ticketing

Most corporate clients requiring air travel management are concerned with securing the most direct and convenient itineraries at the lowest possible fares. Our tested capabilities in this respect ensure that we are able to deliver value for money to our clients through a comprehensive approach not only focused on the ticketing element but all the support services that surround every travel from Visa processing, Hotel bookings, Airport Transfers, 24/7 emergency support services to traveling passengers and when required, assistance through customs and immigration both locally and internationally through our Global partners. We complement this suite of services with a powerful cost management program that will ultimately ensure that our clients derive world class services at very reasonable costs.

CTM’s service delivery entails a team oriented approach where each client is assigned a specific team from our company with regards to ticketing, tours/hotel reservations, Finance personnel and customer care personnel. This team is spearheaded by a Key Account Manager who serves as the main contact person on matters pertaining overall contract execution.

Our quality standards stipulate that all bookings are responded to within 30 minutes of receipt and that all tickets should adhere to the client’s travel policy and more so to the stringent cost management measures that are unique to CTM. We also ensure that all our value adds services are incorporated where possible in order to enhance our client’s travel satisfactions. Such services include the Travel insurance premiums, discounted access to Airport Lounges, and enrollment to the frequent flyer programs.

Whenever giving a quotation, our travel team always provides 3 options on different carriers in order to enable better selection in regards to cost and lay over convenience. Through the Client profile forms that we receive from our clients, Our travel team always incorporates the client preferences in the booking with regards to meal preferences, seat preferences among other details.

Our 24 hour Call Center is fundamental in advising clients on real-time flight information with regards to changes and delays which are communicated to clients real-time and best solutions provided round the clock from whichever location.

We work closely with our clients to ascertain our performance standards against a mutually defined Service Level Standards. The SLA’s are reviewed on a regular basis and cost savings clearly indicated per quarter among other parameters in the contract.

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