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Tips to Never Lose Your Luggage Again


Losing luggage on the plane is a definite killjoy for your business trip or vacation. Any traveller would want to do everything to ensure their luggage is safe, and you can always see this from the stuffed overhead compartments on most planes. Here are tips to help you avoid the stress and disappointment of staring at an empty luggage carousel with no suitcase in sight.

Get to the airport early: This will give you plenty of time to get your bag checked. Get to the airport at least one and a half hour before your flight’s departure time. This gives your bag plenty of time to get through its Transportation and Security Administration screening and onto the tarmac. And before you send the bag on to the conveyer belt at check-in, make sure the routing label is correct and that it lists your final destination.

Go for long flight connections: For flight connections make sure the stopover is long enough for the proper transfer and checking of your luggage. If you’re making a connection at an international airport, you may be responsible for retrieving your luggage from baggage claim and getting it rechecked, which means you’ll need an even longer layover.

Use unique embellishments: Add a bright ribbon, a belt or any other unique identifier to ensure no one else mistakes your suitcase for theirs. After all, if it’s not the airline misplacing your luggage, but a hasty flier mistaking it for theirs. Bright decorations stand out and there are fewer chances that the baggage handler will leave it on the baggage cart.

Pack an itinerary: On the inside include your name, Id and copy of your itinerary. This way if the tag on the outside gets damaged, there is still a means of the airline representatives contacting you.

Fact-check your airline attendant: Double-check the airport code the attendant puts on your bag, especially if you’ll be stopping for a connecting flight.

Keep the essentials in your carry-on bags: Include in your carry-on bags anything essential that you’ll need at your destination in case your checked bag is delayed or lost. That means carrying on some warm clothing if you’re flying to a cold weather destination or perhaps a bathing suit if you’re going to the beach.

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