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Visa Information


As CTM we have a secluded Visa Desk that offers Visa Processing Services to our clients at an extra fee according to the destination. All travellers are therefore advised to comply with visa requirements as prescribed by the embassies.

Basic Visa Requirements:

  1. Valid passport with 6 months validity and with two blank pages for visa stamping and Entry/Exit Stamps
  2. 2 Photos on a clear background
  3. Hotel Voucher/tour itinerary/Air ticket
  4. Personal appearance on appointment day
  5. Original Bank Statement (current 6 months)
  6. Application can be submitted on behalf of the client but the person submitting should sign on the consent form.
  7. Yellow Fever *Varies by countries of travel
  8. For Foreigners copy of work permit or residence permit
  9. Period of how long the visa processing will take varies from country to country
Depending on your country of travel the above stated document may or may not be limited to the above
  1. Vietnam:
  2. Germany:
  3. Spain:
  4. Dubai:
  5. Australian:
  6. France:
  7. China:
  8. Canada:
  9. USA:
  10. UK:
  11. Denmark:
  12. Italy:
  13. Sweden:
  14. South Africa: 
  15.  Schengen:
  16. Ghana:
  17. Russian:
  18. India:
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